My name is Sonia and I train with James 3 mornings a week at my home in Caboolture. I have always enjoyed training with personal trainers however being a single working mother of 2 children it was always tricky to find one that could train me during the minimal amount of free time I had available and at a price I could afford. The reason I prefer to train with a PT is because I find the one on one training works better for me. The trainer can ensure my form is held correctly and push me out of my comfort zone. I chose to start training with James in August 2015 because he was flexible, well priced and puts in the time to put together a personal program for every session. I thoroughly enjoy training with James and even though it's tough and I'm hot, sweaty and hurting, it's still lots of fun. Each training day is different and he also has me trying to beat my previous reps, which keeps me motivated, pushing and striving to do my best. My weekly training schedule includes boxing, weight training and high intensity interval training which are all great workout varieties. After training with James for a short time I had no hesitation in recommending him to a very close girlfriend of mine that was also a single working mother of 2 with minimal spare time. The fact that James comes to me and brings all his own equipment is just fabulous as it makes my life a lot easier, I don't need to worry about anything apart from meeting James in my backyard at the time arranged.

My goal was not to lose weight as such but to tone and feel fit and healthy. Since training with James I have noticed my fitness and strength improve as well as areas of my body more toned than they were prior. I was stoked to start 2016 with abs even after the festive season and a week off from training.

I would most certainly recommend James to anyone that is looking for a flexible, affordable and dedicated trainer.


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