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Pre screening will be undertaken prior to commencing any program with me - please see Pre Screening Tab.

Metafit Classes 

  • Metafit is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). 
  • Sessions run for 30 minutes.
  • The only equipment you need is yourself and a mat for comfort.
  • Caters for all fitness levels.


  • exciting and compound work-out that incorporates cardio, flexibility and Strength simultaneously.
  • high tempo exercises that make it suck a dynamic,versatile and functional fitness tool. 

Personal Training

  • motivate.
  • setting goals and providing you with feedback on your progress.


8 Week Challenge

  • commitment.
  • Put you through your paces and track your progress.
  • You can target specific areas including - Weight loss, strength training, Cardio, Endurance, Muscular Strength etc.

Mobile Training

  • Feel more comfortable working out from home.
  • I bring my workout kit with me and we work through your individual program to help you achieve your goals.

Fitness Programs

  • I will design a program that you will find enjoyable and fulfilling to give you a general fitness boost. 

Punch Fit Trainer 

  • All level's of boxing.
  • Introduction to boxing for fitness.

Individual Fitness Programs

  • Design suitable programs for your individual needs. 
  • Cardio I will design for you a high intensity workout to boost your Cardiovascular system. 

Healthy Eating Information 

  • I will provide you with general information regarding healthy eating as this works hand in hand with physical activity to give you the best outcomes. 

Gym Programs 

  • I can personalise and design a Gym Based program to suit all your needs.

Group Sessions -

  • Your friends and family can meet up for a group training session.
  • Lots of people prefer to workout in a group environment for the competitive nature and also to encourage each other and have a laugh whilst working out.