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Prior to starting ANY program with me I will undertake a Pre-Screening with you.

This will be your first session with me at NO COST to you. To ensure I provide you with a safe and appropriate training schedule I need to complete a Pre Screening assessment to make sure you are not at risk and safe to commence an exercise program. This process usually takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Pre-Screening Includes some compulsory components such as: general questions including a brief medical history, paperwork, a Health Check - including Blood Pressure / starting Weight (optional) / body measurements. In some cases GP clearance may be required prior to commencing a specific program if risks are identified during the pre-screening process. 

Our first Meeting will include completing a pre-screening form, you will complete a general exercise assessment to give us a baseline. This will also be an opportunity for me to learn a little about you such as what exercises you enjoy doing, what you would like to try, any kinds of exercises you do not like.

We will also discuss if you have any pre-existing conditions that you hope to improve with Personal training. In getting to know you I will talk with you about what physical activity history you have, for example what have you done in the past and what you found did or did not work for you and what you found enjoyable. By spending this hour with me this will let me design your program to suit you perfectly to ensure you are having a positive experience from your first PT workout.